Administrative/Supervisory Team

Mrs. Constance Dougherty, Director:

Ms. Colleen D. Motzel, Principal:

Dr. Edward J. Dougherty, Supervisor of Special Education:

Mr. John Greenfield, Supervisor:

Ms. Alison Maloney, Administrative/Clerical Asst.:

Counseling/Therapeutic Services Team

Ms. Michelle Bartolotti, SSW, School Social Worker/Counselor:

Mr. Mitchell Leysath, SSW, School Social Worker/Counselor:

Ms. Misty Shores, LCSW, School Social Worker/Counselor:

Ms. Kristin Tarazi-Muto, SSW, School Social Worker:

Ms. Diane Bartiromo, School Nurse:

Educational Team

Mr. John Greenfield, History/English & Educational Supervisor:

Ms. Ann Moyer, Science/Literature:

Ms. Christine Konish, Math/21st Century/Financial Lit.:

Coach Mike Tenaglia, Physical Education/Health Teacher:

Mr. William Miller, Middle School Program:

Ms. Lynette Howard, APEX Learning:

Para-Professional/Crisis Support Staff

Mr. Jeff Bogart:

Mr. Brian Marrero:

Mr. Byron Martin:

Mr. Diakil McCray:

Mr. David Popp:

Ms. Jessica Tiblin: