The link above will take you to the approved Green Brook Academy Re-Opening Plan document.

The link below is our current hybrid schedule

Throughout our hybrid program, all students will continue to receive their related services (counseling/speech therapy) as designated in their IEP.  In addition, our health staff will be in contact with our families to ensure they are continuing to monitor their students’ health and provide families with the most up to date information as it relates to COVID-19 and other related illnesses.

Students have been provided with Chromebooks to facilitate their academic assignments and to utilize live and pre-recorded video lessons and conferencing with teachers and counselors, ensuring a face-to-face opportunity to connect with school staff on virtual days.

The plan above will continue to evolve as we are provided additional information and guidance from the State of NJ and the County of Somerset.  In the event of an “all remote” instruction mandate from the State of NJ, all students will be expected to continue their learning with minimal disruption.

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