Green Brook Academy

COVID-19 UPDATE: Green Brook Academy’s School Buildings Will Be Opening For HYBRID Learning For The Academic School Year 2020-2021 On September 8, 2020.

Plan highlights include: 5-6 person classroom maintaining social distancing requirements; cohort style classes; Chromebooks for each student utilizing the Google Classroom Platform; Health Checks; Physical Education classes; Full curriculum including two new courses including: Education & Equality-Growing and Changing Together and Principles of Digital Responsibility.

Our school year will be a new experience with many changes for both staff and students. We are ready to get back to class! Also, we have a new dress code!

Specific COVID-19 program information can be located in our Re-Opening Plan document and Weekly Schedule using the links below.

Please reach out to us if you need any information or support during this time.

We continue to accept student referrals for our Fall Program and are able to accommodate both in-person intake appointments or virtual intake appointments.


Main Office – Ms. A. Maloney: 732.469.8677 x21 or amaloney@greenbrookacademy

Director/Principal – Ms. C. Motzel: 732.469.8677 x22 or

Intake Coordinator/School Social Worker – Ms. K. Tarazi-Muto: 732.469.8677 x331 or


Green Brook Academy is a state approved private school for students with emotional and behavioral disabilities for ages ten through twenty-one (10-21). Green Brook Academy is located in Bound Brook, New Jersey. We are celebrating 41 years working with students and their families to realize their dream of becoming a somebody. Thanks to the vision of Dr. Dougherty & Mrs. Dougherty, today we have the opportunity to continue to support their vision of what students need to be successful. Even though there has been a lot of change in education over the past 41 years, their philosophy 41 years ago remains a crucial component to educational and therapeutic success today. Give a student a place where they feel safe, where they feel cared for, and then you will see them grow.

Dr. Dougherty next to the newspaper articles when he started the school in 1979

We are currently accepting referrals for students in both middle school and high school grades. 

Our unique program is designed for students in need of individualized attention for significant emotional and behavioral disabilities.  With the help of our specially trained staff, students are given the opportunity to modify their behavior by developing the necessary social and academic skills to help them realize success in their future.  Students may complete their formal grade school education at Green Brook Academy, or return to their district schools when ready. 

Often students will come to Green Brook Academy from other placements in which they were not able to experience either academic or emotional success. When they arrive to Green Brook Academy, we give each student the opportunity to experience success through:

  • Individualized instruction matched to their needs, strengths, abilities and interests.
  • Educational Testing two times per year.
  • An emotional/therapeutic support system which includes individual and group therapy provided by our professional New Jersey Department of Education School Certified Counseling Staff.
  • An individually designed life skills transition plan that helps students deal with the passage from student life to adulthood.
  • 35 minute class periods to offer our students the opportunity to feel like they are in a regular high school/middle school environment.
  • Small class sizes with Highly Qualified New Jersey Department of Education Certified Teachers and Paraprofessionals. 
  • OUTREACH.  If your student struggles to come to school, we will come to you.
  • A staff to student ratio of one staff to every two students.
  • A four building urban campus, including a gym.
  • Speech Therapy as needed per IEP.
  • APEX Learning – Optional Online Learning Opportunity For Course Specific Needs


Thomas W. accepting his hard earned “I Am A Somebody” award
from GBA staff as we ventured out to visit each of our graduating seniors!
This award is given to one graduating student each year for rising above personal adversity and for demonstrating strong initiative to succeed in life. Job well done Thomas!


Dr. & Mrs. Dougherty, founders of Green Brook Academy.