Counseling, Careers and College

21st Century College & Careers

Our Counseling and Career Center is specifically designed to meet the needs of our students using technology as well as many other resources needed for transition to work or college in today’s world. 

The 3 C’s of GBA

Counseling, Careers and College

Green Brook Academy offers transitional services to all of our students. Transition services can be defined by the GBA 3 C’s.  They are: 

COUNSELING:  Students have the ability to work with a school counselor to talk about their desires and concerns as it relates to their future plans.  Counselors meet with each student to determine their transitional plan, both short term (get a part time job while in high school) and long term( be prepared to enter the work force full time after graduation, enroll in a post high school vocational program, or attend college).  All of these decisions can be overwhelming, but with our specially trained staff, our goal is to help each student simplify the process to eliminate that overwhelming feeling when they think about their future.  

CAREERS:  School counselors will work with students on developing and enhancing their interview skills and use online resources to fill out job applications. 

Each student will also have an opportunity to complete a CareerScope Assessment.  Whether they wish to pursue education and training in a field they already know (maybe an electrician or security), or they are not too sure what fields of work interest them, (maybe they know they like to work with children or the elderly, but aren’t sure what jobs are out there) CareerScope can help. With CareerScope they will be provided with an assessment of their interests and aptitudes, and given recommendations about which careers they may enjoy and be successful doing, and what courses or training programs they should focus on to pursue those careers. Our school counselors will be there to guide each student through the process. 

COLLEGE:  Students have the opportunity to start planning early for possible college admissions.  Our counselors work with each student and their families, to help determine the appropriate college path to take.  Students have the option to tour local colleges and community colleges with their counselor, even meeting with the admissions staff to discuss what accomodations the school provides for IEP students. 

In addition, students will have an opportunity to virtually tour college campuses in an instant using online websites such as You Visit. 

You Visit is a free resources that can be accessed by anyone at:  It’s a fantastic opportunity for our students to see an active college campus on demand.