We are PLEASED to announce that Green Brook Academy has returned to our hybrid schedule starting on Monday, January 4th

Our current schedule includes 2 virtual days (Monday and Friday) and 3 IN-PERSON days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday). As you are aware, the current guidance from both our local Department of Health as well as the NJ Department of Health states that keeping our school doors open is optimal when it is feasible.

To date, we have not experienced any school based Covid-19 transmissions or the need for quarantining due to in school exposures. 

Our hybrid program includes all program components, including outreach.  If we are unable to reach a student or believe direct contact for counseling or educational support would benefit them we will continue to conduct home visits as long as it is safe to do so.  In addition, we continue to provide our students with the direct one-on-one instruction and counseling/speech services they not only deserve, but appreciate receiving.  Lastly,  any students who have challenges with their digital resources or equipment, we will continue to provide any necessary support and/or replacements they will need to ensure they can continue their education while learning in a hybrid model. 

If you are a parent looking for options for your child or students in your district that are not seeing success in their current learning program or have been on home instruction and need a new placement, please think of us.  We are able to conduct both in-person or virtual intake appointments.  We continue to do our best to go above and beyond to give each student we work with the support they need to navigate not only this current situation of learning during Covid, but establish a plan for their future success in their educational journey

Green Brook Academy doesn’t give up, we are dedicated to giving each student the opportunity to not only see their potential, but help them reach their potential….and become a somebody!

The link below will take you to our updated and approved Green Brook Academy Re-Opening Plan document.

The link below is our hybrid schedule

Throughout our hybrid program, all students will continue to receive their related services (counseling/speech therapy) as designated in their IEP.  In addition, our health staff will be in contact with our families to ensure they are continuing to monitor their students’ health and provide families with the most up to date information as it relates to COVID-19 and other related illnesses.

Students have been provided with Chromebooks to facilitate their academic assignments and to utilize live and pre-recorded video lessons and conferencing with teachers and counselors, ensuring a face-to-face opportunity to connect with school staff on virtual days.
The plan above will continue to evolve as we are provided additional information and guidance from the State of NJ and the County of Somerset.  In the event of an “all remote” instruction mandate from the State of NJ, all students will be expected to continue their learning with minimal disruption.

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