School Year GOALS: Eliminate Covid Fatigue.  Be School Ready.  Re-Connect in Person.  HAVE FUN!

Our 5-day in-person daily schedule continues to include “cohorted” classrooms and we of course will continue our safety and cleaning protocols established since day one. We also will continue to provide lunch for all students which is served in the classroom setting as well as the opportunity for outdoor activities and their regularly scheduled PE classes. (Note:  If any changes to community/regional data suggests in-person classes are detrimental to the health and safety of the school community, we will would, in consultation with our local health department, return to either a  hybrid learning or virtual learning schedule.)

If you are a parent looking for options for your child or students in your district that are not seeing success in their current learning program or have been on home instruction and need a new placement, please think of us.  We are able to conduct both in-person or virtual intake appointments.  We continue to do our best to go above and beyond to give each student we work with the support they need to navigate not only this current situation of learning during Covid, but establish a plan for their future success in their educational journey

Green Brook Academy doesn’t give up, we are dedicated to giving each student the opportunity to not only see their potential, but help them reach their potential….and become a somebody!

Proudly Serving The Special Education Community Since 1979