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Our Therapeutic Staff

Our Administrative/Supervisory Team is highly qualified and experienced with many years servicing students with disabilities as teachers and counselors, and then educational leaders.  Our leadership team holds multiple degrees, including Doctorate in Education, Masters in Educational Leadership, Psychology and Education, as well as New Jersey Certificates in Teaching, Supervision, Principal, LDTC, and School Business Administration.

Our Educational Team is also trained and qualified individuals who look forward to the opportunity of educating the students of Green Brook Academy.  Our educational team is comprised of individuals with Bachelors and Masters degrees in addition to:

  • New Jersey Certified Teachers of the Handicapped & Teachers of Students with Disabilities, all highly qualified in content areas.
  • Speech/Language Pathologist
  • Para-professional staff with degrees in psychology or education.

 Our Support Services/Counseling/Health Team come with a background of experience and education that is crucial for success with our student population, including backgrounds in forensic psychology, educational psychology, psychotherapy, substance awareness, nursing, school health and psychiatry.  In addition, our counseling staff work in conjunction with public organizations such as DCP&P, CMO, etc. to support our students and their families.  The GBA support services/counseling/health team is a strong unit who provide our students with strong mental and physical health counseling on a daily and crisis basis.  Our support services/counseling/health team include:

  • New Jersey Certified School Social Workers
  • New Jersey Certified School Nurse
  • Consulting Psychiatrist
  • Our GBA school pet – A Bearded Dragon – A lizard with many names and a calm demeanor that is appreciated by most!